Contribute to Madara

Madara has been built from the day 1 in the most open-source way possible, and will always follow the principles that drive the Starknet ecosystem since day 1. Anyone is free to join the telegram group here (opens in a new tab), come chat, ask for help, discuss anything!

Regular community calls are also organized which you will always find the agenda in the GitHub dicussions (opens in a new tab).


Have an idea of an ambitious hack related to one layer of the stack ? Such as a new DA mode or a fancy new VM ? Go ahead and create a discussion on the GitHub repo, if all good you'll be invited to present it at one community call and then start implementing it!


Madara contributions are rewarded through OnlyDust (opens in a new tab).
What does that mean ? It means that you as a developer are free to pick any open issue and submit a PR. Once the PR is merged you will be paid according to the time/difficulty of the PR. There are already more than 20 contributors and we are just waiting for you 😎

Bug Hunting

Found a bug ? Please submit an issue (opens in a new tab) on GitHub so any open source contributor can look at it and fix it (you can too!)


Missing anything in these docs ? Spotted a typo ? Please submit a PR or create an issue on GitHub (opens in a new tab). As everything we do, we grow together and the more eyes we have looking at it the better it will be.