Radius Overview

Radius (opens in a new tab) is a shared sequencing layer for decentralizing and supporting rollups with sustainable profitability.

Encryption is a key component of Radius. By implementing an encrypted mempool on Madara, Radius disempowers the centralized sequencer and their ability to engage in malicious frontrunning, sandwiching, and censorship on StarkNet appchains. Written in Rust, the encrypted mempool utilizes delay encryption and secure cryptography to ensure the fair ordering of transactions and to create a safe environment.

Together with Madara, Radius will accelerate rollup decentralization and enhance the benefits that Madara offers in scaling blockchains.



Phase 1. Encrypted Mempool on Madara

During the initial phase, Radius will implement an encrypted mempool on Madara to protect users against harmful MEV and censorship risks. This implementation can be used independently of the external sequencing layer (below).

Phase 2. Sequencing Layer for Madara Appchains

During the second phase, Radius will provide pallets to integrate Madara appchains with the Radius external sequencing layer.

Phase 3. Cross-rollup Interoperability

The third and final phase is focused on enabling cross-rollup interoperability. To address the challenges of rollup silos and fragmentation, appchains integrated with the external sequencing layer will be able to leverage the functionalities of the shared sequencer: cross-rollup arbitrage and messaging.


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