Argent X

Argent X Overview

Argent X (opens in a new tab) is an open-source Starknet wallet.

Installing Argent X

Follow the official Argent X installation instructions (opens in a new tab).

Use Argent X with Madara

Argent X includes the Mainnet, Sepolia, and Goerli networks by default, but connecting with your local Madara chain requires manual configuration. This involves adding a custom network within Argent X's settings.

Configuring Argent X for Madara

Open the Argent X wallet and navigate to Settings.


Select "Developer settings" and then "Manage networks".


Click the plus button on the top right to add a network.

stack #

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Network Name: A friendly name for the Madara network.

  2. Chain ID: The default chain ID on Madara is SN_GOERLI, to retrieve your chain ID or to set a custom chain ID, refer to the Chain ID section of Madara documentation.

  3. RPC URL: http://localhost:9944

  4. Sequencer URL: http://localhost:9944


Save the new network configuration.

Once you have added Madara as a network, you can now connect to it.

Deploying your Starknet wallet

Upon creation, an Argent X wallet generates a Starknet address. However, this address exists in an "undeployed" state until you initiate your first transaction.

Argent X manages the activation process under the hood; your first outgoing transaction acts as the trigger. This transaction initiates the deployment of your smart contract on the Madara chain. This deployment incurs a one-time fee.